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    Deva Topology on Flickr.Deva Topology illustration by Tofu Verde

    Deva Topology on Flickr.

    Deva Topology illustration by Tofu Verde

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    If you’d like to watch the 16 minute presentation that this story was prepared for, you can watch it here.


    The Story of the Animated GIF told as a fairy tale through animated gifs of Snow White.

    This is the talk I gave (excitedly) at The Conference in Malmö, Sweden last Thursday, explaining the evolution of GIF from file format to cultural phenomenon.

    And I told it as if it were a fairy tale.

    And I told it through animated gifs.

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    Zac Gorman.

    Video game inspired illustrations and comics by Zac Gorman.  I wanted to post everything on Zac’s Tumblr but here’s a selection:

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